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$85.00 USD

Don't show up unprepared! Grab all your Ingenium² gear and be ready to face off against any foe!

✧ 8.5" x 5.5" perfect-bound paperback zine book
✦ [2] acrylic phone charms
✧ [1] acrylic charm
✦ [1] stamp washi tape roll
✧ [1] acrylic phone grip
✦ [1] spinning enamel pin
✧ [3] 8.5" x 5.5" prints
✦ [2] bookmark prints
✧ [3] clear die cut stickers

✦ Digital PDF zine
✧ [2] printable book marks
✦ [1] icon set

✧ 19cm Tenya plushie – $50
✦ 14" x 14" tote bag – $15

✩☆✩This bundle is eligible for ALL Zine Stretch Goals!✩☆✩

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