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This zine includes 8 writers, 24 page artists, 6 merch artists, and a mod team of 6. We are incredibly proud of the hard work of our contributors and feel incredibly honored to have been able to work with them this year. We cannot wait to share it with all of you!

This project is a profit/charity split.
Our charity of choice is Mermaids, a UK-based organization which helps and supports transgender kids and their families. Please check out more about their program on their website!


IidaTenBros is a SFW, Gen zine project focusing on the brotherly relationship between Iida Tenya and Iida Tensei from the popular manga & anime series Boku no Hero Academia. The zine allows up to canon-level violence, AUs, and pre- and post-canon timelines.

We have 100+ pages of fanfiction, page art, spreads, and comics, along with a generous collection of merchandise.

We have FOUR stretch goals, 3 of which have been unlocked! These were met by 25 physical sales, 50, and then 75. The final stretch goal will be unlocked at 100 eligible orders. All bundles except for the Orange Juice Digital-Only Bundle and Planner Add-on are eligible for all stretch goal rewards! This means that as we reach these sale landmarks, EVERYONE who has purchased a physical bundle will get these additional items in their packages for FREE!


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